About Smart Caribbean Homes

At SMARTCARIBBEANHOMES.COM, we offer a diverse range of Smart Homes. Our comprehensive range of steel framed accommodation units are custom designed to be delivered anywhere in the Caribbean.

All of our buildings are designed and manufactured to different standards and are compliant with the Building Codes all over the world. Each building delivers a high level of environmental efficiency with recyclable green environmental materials.

Committed to the world’s best practice principles our partner TD East operates in accordance with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry (the Code) which outlines the minimum standards companies must meet. TDE East take this obligation very seriously, ensuring that all industrial instruments and workplace practices are consistent with the Code requirements.

Our business model focuses on manufacturing with the highest level of building standards and codes around the world. For all projects, we will have our international teams to manage and ensure quality of workmanship. These teams oversee manufacturing in China from commencement to completion.

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