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 The introduction of the world’s most advanced equipment and technology, through independent research and development, has won more than 300 national patent technology, successfully developed a number of new technologies to fill the gap

in the industry; successfully launched “Golden Flower Beige”, “Tianshan Stone”, “Yinhe Stone “, “Feitianshi” , “sand rock”, “coral jade” and other new products that are highly respected by consumers. At the same time, modern high-tech products and oriental ceramic culture are combined to integrate people’s artistic life and create a home culture space. The fashionable and commercial space, the overall kitchen and bathroom space, the industrial product display space, the external wall hanging space and the overall bathroom living hall and other spiritual spaces guide the industry trend. Dongpeng products are widely used in Tiananmen Tower, the State Council Office Building, the National Grand Theatre and other tens of thousands

of government projects nationwide, and have become the brands promoted by consumers and the decoration industry.

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