Glowry Wood Flooring Collection

This is our colorful collection of glow in the dark wood because of the colorful, customized, handcrafted, natural looking, luxurious colors makes it unique. Explore and own the feeling of owning Glowry Collection wood floors.

glowry wood caribbean

About Glowry Collection

“It all started with a thought of, how to bring darkness to life..”

“Our vision is to use our imagination and creativity to innovate today’s industries with futuristic designs. We are born with a purpose to keep shaping the future and superseding today’s norms to raise the standard bar. By fulfilling this vision, we will also fulfill our mission to also help people around the world in need. Join us on this Glow-rious Vision to ultimately transform the world..” – Carlos Mongalo.

Quick History

Glowry Collection is a family owned business, located in the United States. It all started, in the year of early 2010 with just a thought of, how to bring darkness to life Glowry wood was created. The
‘Mongalo’ family legally fought for several years to achieve the patent of Glowry wood, sooner then the patent became international, giving us the opportunity to safely introduce our great, unique invention to the world. Accomplishing Glowry wood, opened doors to our creative minds to continue bringing
joy, happiness and smiles to the world, that’s when Glowry Boards was created for children, realizing with our secret formula we can make almost anything glow-ry in the dark, literally! That’s when Glowry became a collection.

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