smart caribbean home buyer
Our Homes + Your Land
Join forces with our team of international brokers and we will market your land to our global network of potential homebuyers. We will market your land with images of our Homes so that potential buyers can envision their dream home on your land.
smart caribbean homes long term land lease
Long-Term Land Lease
Enter a Long-Term lease with us and double the value of your property instantly! Maintain Ownership of your property and earn 2-4 x's more over the lifetime of the deal by allowing us to lease your land to one or more of our prospective Smart Home buyers who are looking for land to build on.
Land Partnership
Partner with one of our Real Estate Developers and earn more for your land. Enter a 12 month Development Partnership and earn up to 200% of the asking price by opting to receive your funds concluding the Smart Home Development.

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